Cuevavaliente Ingenieros presents in the 1st Spanish Congress on Security Engineering

The past 22nd of March the 1st Spanish Congress on Security Engineering took place in Madrid, organized by the Spanish Association of Security Engineers and the journal Seguritecnia.

The Congress experienced a high interest from the attendees towards the contents of the presentations, which were developed from a very technologic focus, due to the fact that the public was formed mostly by engineers.

In the Congress, Cuevavaliente participated with the presentation “Risk Analysis and Convergence of the Security ”, in which Enrique Bilbao (Technical Director at Cuevavaliente) exposed the main role the Risk Analysis generally plays in all the engineering works and specially in the security management models in an integrated or convergence way, Physic-Cibersecurity Security.

In this contribution, the different approximations to the Risk Analysis from the Physic Security and the Cybersecurity and their main differences were presented, exposing a generic proposal of common methods in which the “learnt lessons” of both approximations and its form are used, not only in a method but also in an informatic application.

The congress ended with the announced Round Table about the “Security Engineering Certification and Learning” in which the National Police Private Security Central Unit, Telecommunications Engineers Superior Technical School and Security Engineers Spanish Association participated, which had a great reception and gave cause for multiple interventions.