Enrique Bilbao, Technical Director of Cuevavaliente presents a presentation at the Seminar on Technologies applied to the Protection of Critical Infrastructures.

Last March 29, the Seminar "Technologies applied to Critical Infrastructures Protection" was held in the auditorium of the Ministry of Defense Complex in Madrid, organized by GET-Technical Studies Group and the General Gutierrez Mellado University Institute (UNED).

The Seminar received with the assistance of more than 100 professionals and Security Managers of critical infrastructure Companies belonging to most of the strategic sectors.

In this event Enrique Bilbao Lázaro, Technical Director of Cuevavaliente, made an interesting reflection on the "Process for the treatment of Risks in Critical Infrastructures" and the necessary use of advanced Risk Management platforms, towards models of continuous improvement of risk location in the probability / impact plane.